Back to Basics: Installation and SAP ASE

    By: Jeffrey Ross Garbus on Sep 01, 2014

    In this article, Alvin Chang with Jeffrey Garbus and Malathy Mani provide an abbreviated discussion of what should be pre-decided when preparing to install a new system. This article assumes that the hardware and operating systems decisions have already been made.

    So you have a new SAP ASE server, the first issue is getting it up and running. The first step in setting up an SAP ASE system is planning.

    Get the License(s) Ready Make sure you are properly licensed and the keys are ready before the configuration of the SAP Adaptive Server.

    I’m a fan of using development servers and the use of change control. It prevents chaos if there are too many developers and DBA’s making changes. It also helps provide a set process for moving changes into production. That said, development servers are often shared between different teams developing different products.

    Sometimes an SAP ASE option that was in use by one team may not be available to members of another when the production server is built. Developers should be made aware of the differences in what the development environment is and the expected final production environment.

    An example I use of what can happen if this is not carefully controlled is this: A major corporation developed a new application. When the application was deployed, the SAP ASE license had not been secured, so the server put up anything running on a grace license. At some point during this grace period someone attempted to fix an issue by using the optional java features which would have been fine had the server been licensed properly – the fix would not have run properly so either an alternate fix would have been required or a new license would have been purchased to support the fix. But because it was running in the grace period, the functionality was there and the fix went into production. This was fine until the grace period expired. At this point the fix and its supporting code became non-functional, but the fix and the application were already in production and a new license needed to be acquired in a panic to get the changes working again.


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